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  • you pay the telstar $300.00 UP FRONT. 
  • Choose "command-12", and The TELSTAR delivers ONE t-shirt per month for 1-year from the time we received funds. Twelve t-shirts ………TOTAL.
  • YOU are at the Mercy of Telstar design moods. You can advise us of colors you hate, and we can avoid those. You git what you git, and YOU don't throw a fit, as far as the image goes. BraINWASHING AND DEPROGRAMMING IS OUR SPECIALTY. NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART.
  • ONE of the 12 deliveries will include an additional sweatshirt. It could be zip up, it could be pull over. 12 shirts + 1 sweat-shirt.
  • Command club shirts will not be re-produced for standard web site sale. They will be for club, family, and friends.
  • Option: $150 for a 6-month plan (no sweatshirt included). will include 7th shirt for 6-month plan. CHOOSE "command-6".
  • shipping is INCLUDED in the cost for both options.
  • Rip Off the Telstar = Death by living.
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